What to Consider Before You Buy Antibody Online?

Alex Bayer
2 min readMay 24, 2021

Shopping for an antibody shall be a troublesome experience for you since there are many antibody suppliers and distributors that regard themselves as the leading ones in the field. So, figuring out that which companies should you trust is a tough task.

While shopping for products, most of you trust the big-brand enterprises to procure you with the perfect service and quality. However, in the arena of bioreagents, you should assess the size of the company carefully.

Massive firms that supply a tremendous amount like tens to thousands of products are probably not the actual manufacturers of those antibodies. They buy antibody from a smaller company, change the original label by reselling under their tag name.

So, you need to ensure what you should consider! Listed below are a couple of reasons:

  1. Product Quality: An original manufacturer is highly skilled and possessive regarding the quality he/she serves.
  2. Reasonable Price: Each time the product passes between companies, more charges are included like taxes and shipping charges which do not provide reasonable rates.
  3. Service & Accessibility: Sometimes you might need an antibody immediately and you have been informed that the product is a backorder.

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